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Data security today, is an absolute necessity for every business where both their bottom line and reputation are at risk of being effected, and even more so those who lack the knowledge and resources to resolve issues when a data breach occurs. Regardless of the type of data or security breach, companies need solutions to mitigate the risk of severe downtime and expensive legal fees.


Coupled with years of experience in the IT industry, the founders of Octavia have also been extensively involved in the development of encryption software and are trusted by some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. The marriage of these two worlds have enabled Octavia to provide fully integrated and custom end-to-end solutions from voice, to cloud, to both on and off site data security solutions and storage, collaboration with businesses and so much more.


With an immense passion for the industry, Octavia pride themselves on being able to deliver cost effective technical expertise and technology, without compromising on service excellence, customer choice and integrity.

Our solutions are made for businesses of all sizes, across all sectors so that they can make effective use of technology to do things better. 

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