You want to become freelancer & / or reseller (no capital outlay required) and seeking to work for the Internet service provider (ISP)? We offer training and a platform to work for a non-profit company which offers military encrypted technology and all kinds of hosting service for start-ups, young entrepreneurs and individuals with a low income. The goal is to empower the population and bring awareness to securing personal and business data on the highest levels at the lowest prices on the South African market. All enterprises that you sign up save on taxes on their upgrade with Octavianet NPC. You will earn an income on a fully commission-based structure and with the growth of your database, this will enable you to earn a combination of a fixed and commission-based income. 

It is not necessary for individuals applying to become a reseller to have a degree in the IT field but must have a flair for IT. Applications are at this stage only available to applicants in the Gauteng Region.

Octavia Data Exchange, specialist for Encrypted Data and Communications

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