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Small to Large full office & Server package incl. MPLS

Octavia primary defensive posture to address cybersecurity incidents is prevention. The key solution for protecting your data against vulnerabilities that can be exploited and used against your organization financially and in reputation damages is our high-end server solution & costumed firewall. Generally, the criminal world has experienced a large shift from an individual, independent focus to a virtual,

Banking & Financial Services

Cybercriminals and nation states alike are continuously been in security defenses, data protection is an absolute necessity. Banking and financial services data is highly valued on the black market. This makes your organization a top target for cyber attacks. The implementation of policies and advanced

Public figures & Security Forces, Military-grade solutions for data & communication exchange

Cyber attacks are sky-rocketing. There are over thousands of attempts to penetrate Public figures and government’s networks alone. The most threatening is the sheer volume of attacks, which is increasing in both quality and complexity.